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Relief efforts in Syria hampered by lack of access – senior UN humanitarian official

In addition to insecurity, the parties to the conflict continue to place other obstacles in the way of delivering assistance. A lack of funding was also listed a major obstacle to reaching people in need.


Stitch by stitch towards greater protection in northern Myanmar

Small projects and activities, like tailoring lessons, provide displaced women with a safe source of income and encourage them to get together, share their concerns and help others.


The deep roots of malnutrition

The Ségou region has one of the highest malnutrition rates in Mali: nearly one child out of six is severely malnourished. This condition affects children’s ability to grow and puts their life at risk.

Govt. New Zealand

Disaster simulation exercises: A how-to guide for the Pacific

Increasing the capacity of national and local authorities to manage and reduce the impact of disasters, as well as improve the preparedness and resilience of communities, is a priority for governments and aid agencies.

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