Sierra Leone + 2 others

Ebola decline encouraging, but critical gaps remain

MSF has reported a downward trend in new cases at its Ebola management centres; however, it cautions that loss of vigilance now would jeopardise the progress made in stemming the epidemic.

Turkey + 1 other
Reuters - AlertNet

Turkey opens biggest camp for 35,000 Kobani refugees

Located in the southeastern border town of Suruc, the tent city has two hospitals, seven medical clinics and enough classrooms for 10,000 children.


Ukraine rushes to evacuate children as new clashes hit war zone

International concern has mounted over the escalation in the conflict that has left a September truce in tatters, with the rebel leader in the Donetsk region last week pulling out of talks.

Malaysia + 3 others

Latest humanitarian snapshot highlights flooding in Malaysia and Indonesia

According to the Malaysian government, the floods have affected 400,000 people. A few thousand people remain displaced and many more continue to be accommodated by host families.

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