About 3.6 million children in Iraq at risk from increasing violence

UNICEF reports that one-third of all Iraqi children need humanitarian aid. Many families face deteriorating conditions following military operations in Fallujah and around Mosul.

Sudan + 7 others

Response needed for about 17,000 displaced by violence in Thur, Central Darfur

An estimated 5,000 IDPs are from the host community and joined the people in the camp after their shelters were looted and torched. Food, water and sanitation, shelter and health are the priority concerns.


South Sudan ceasefire monitors warn of violence

Ceasefire monitors in war-torn South Sudan warned Thursday of "appalling" violence in breach of a peace deal, as rivals battle despite the formation of a unity government.

El Salvador + 3 others

Urgent action needed to build resilience, food security in Central America's Dry Corridor

Some 3.5 million people need humanitarian assistance, with 1.6 million moderately or severely food insecure in the hard-hit countries of El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras.

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